CRiminal Charge ?

Tip the Scales in your Favor

My Lawyer has told me not to talk to anyone about my case, not to answer questions, and not to reply to accusations. Call my lawyer if you want to ask me questions, search me or my property, do any tests, do any lineups, or any other identifications procedures. I do not agree to any of these things without my lawyer present and I do not want to waive any of my constitutional rights.


Kevin D. Mills

and Associates PLLC

Your Criminal Defense Team For over 30 years



Kevin D. Mills and Associates,pllc is one of the ONLY attorneys in the nation to utilize mediation in the defense of a client who had been indicted for a felony sexual offense. After years of litigation, the client was able to avoid a 25 year penitentiary sentence and a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender. 

- Our attorneys remain on the cutting edge of criminal defense strategies.



From Kathy B.: 

-      “Kevin, Shawn and Coop saved my son from getting a 20 year federal sentence. Thanks to them my son went to rehab instead of serving a long prison sentence.  We call Kevin and his team our “Dream Team”. “


From John J.: 

-       “I was charged with 1st degree murder and I knew there was only one person to call- Kevin Mills. I was found not guilty by a jury – Kevin saved my life.”