Protect Your Rights

If criminal charges or an investigation threaten you, your loved ones or your business, then you should seek a criminal defense lawyer who is fully prepared and ready to protect you from the serious consequences of a criminal accusation. Your choice of an attorney should not be made hastily. But by contacting an attorney early in the case, you can protect your rights.

Our experience allows us to understand the complex interactions of laws, regulations, technology and practical knowledge necessary for your defense. Our firm is made up of three attorneys who work closely with our team of experienced legal assistants and investigators to protect your rights.

Call us today to discuss your case during a free and confidential consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

CLICK HERE TO PRINT OUT an initial assertion to your constitutional rights if you are arrested.

My lawyer told me not to talk to anyone about my case, not to answer questions and not to reply to any accusations. Call my lawyer if you want to ask me questions, search me or my property, do any tests, do any lineups or any other identification procedures. I do not agree to any of these things without my lawyer present and I do not want to waive any of my constitutional rights.