Assaultive Offenses/Kidnaping

A criminal accusation involving any type of violence will typically be the subject of aggressive prosecution, and any penalties involved are likely to be harsh.  Violent crimes under state law are most found in West Virginia Criminal Code §61-2-14.

Crimes of violence may include assault, kidnaping, threats and other offenses.  Many of these offenses contain similar elements.  For instance, the differences between assault and aggravated assault or unlawful restraint and kidnaping can be slight.  The difference is penalties between these offenses, however, can be significant.

Martinsburg West Virginia Violent Offense Lawyer

The accusation of a violent crime could change your life.  It is important to fight to protect your freedom.  A Martinsburg West Virginia violent crime attorney can help you work to get the best possible results in your case and to get your life back on track.

At MillsMcDermott, our experienced attorneys will carefully evaluate all evidence.  We will find anyway to challenge the charges and seek to have them reduced or dismissed.  Our Martinsburg West Virginia based firm has represented clients on serious criminal matters for more than three decades, including allegations involving assaults, kidnaping and homicide.  Call us today at 1-304-262-9300 for a free telephone consultation.