Engaging in organized criminal activity is the charge that is utilized when a group works together to commit a criminal offense.  For instance, if several people conspire to steal something or sell drugs, it could be considered organized criminal activity.

Engaging in a criminal conspiracy, as the offense is commonly called, can be more serious criminal charge than the charge that would have been called for if the criminal offense been committed by one person rather than a group.  These charges should be taken seriously and you should start building a defense immediately.

Martinsburg West Virginia Organized Crime Attorney

Charges for conspiratorial criminal activity can carry steep penalties, often more harsh that if the crime only was committed by one person.  A strong defense is critical in defending yourself against these life-altering consequences, and a Martinsburg West Virginia organized crime lawyer at MillsMcDermott can help.

The attorneys at MillsMcDermott are nationally recognized for their skill and dedication in criminal defense.  They have represented clients facing a variety of criminal charges throughout the nation, and they will use their experiences to help you get the best possible result in your case.

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