Criminal Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses may seem minor.  Often times they simply can result in a ticket.  However, incidents involving hit and run, reckless driving and other serious traffic situations can carry the potential for years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines and a serious mark on your criminal record that can interfere with employment opportunities.

These offenses can put people in danger, and law enforcement officers are adamant about cracking down on them.  Whether your charges is the result of a misunderstanding or inappropriate actions by law enforcement, it is important to defend your future against these allegations.  A charge does not have to mean a conviction.

Martinsburg West Virginia Traffic Offense Attorney

Kevin D. Mills and his team of highly experienced lawyers at MillsMcDermott have tackled every type of traffic violation.  Our attorneys are members of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD).  This organization assists members and recognizes their passion for defending DUI and traffic related offenses.  We can put that dedication to work for you and aggressively defend you from the serious consequences of a traffic offense.

MillsMcDermott represents clients in Martinsburg West Virginia and the surrounding areas throughout Berkeley County .  They are dedicated to getting the best possible result in your case and they will work to make sure your rights are represented.  To schedule your free consultation appointment, call MillsMcDermott at 1-304-262-9300.