Cyber Crimes

As computers and the Internet become more accessible, more people become capable of being charged with committing a cyber crime.  A cyber crime is one that is committed on the Internet, and several states are cracking down on these offenses.  People often commit these acts online because their identity can be hid and they may feel anonymous.

However, if a person is charged of a cyber crime, he or she could face serious charges.  Cyber crimes can include a variety of offenses, such as Internet fraud, identity theft or illegal downloading.  The Internet also is a place where sexual offenses can be committed, including child pornography and solicitation of a minor.  No matter the offense, the charge should be taken seriously.

Martinsburg West Virginia Internet Crime Attorney

If you are under investigation for any type of high-tech computer crime, contact the experienced cyber crime defense attorneys at MillsMcDermott in Martinsburg West Virginia.  When the evidence in a criminal case is based on computer data and online investigation methods, your attorneys should be prepared to confront the unique issues involved.

The attorneys at MillsmcDermott have been representing clients in criminal cases in the Martinsburg West Virginia area and throughout West Virginia for more than 30 years.  They will handle your case with the utmost importance and work to get you the best possible result.  If you have been charged with any Internet or computer crime, don’t hesitate to call 1-304-262-9300.