International Crimes

International crime cases can include a variety of charges for several different offenses.  Often times, international criminal defense cases are extremely complicated, requiring specialized knowledge of laws in multiple jurisdictions and countries.  This means each case requires a specific attention to detail and a great deal of dedication from an attorney.  An international criminal defense lawyer at MillsMcDermott can help you through this lengthy process.

Martinsburg West Virginia International Crimes Attorney

When you are accused of a crime that allegedly has been committed across national boundaries, you need a lawyer who understands the unique issues that arise in international criminal investigations and prosecutions.  The laws are constantly changing in the emerging international criminal justice system.  Our attorneys at MillsMcDermott have the talent and skill to handle these unique type of cases.  We have handled cases in the Bahamas, Canada, and have represented clients from the Middle East.

We are experienced in fighting international extradition cases to protect our clients.  We represent individuals when a foreign government seeks to extradite the person from the United States.  We also represent clients living in another country when the United States seeks to extradite the person back to the United States.

At MillsMcDermott, we have experience representing individuals that are being investigated for, or charged with, violations of federal criminal laws involving international activities.  Call us at 1-304-262-9300 to discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.