Marijuana Defense

Marijuana defense attorney in Martinsburg West Virginia – Kevin D. Mills with NORML.

Cannabis is illegal in West Virginia.  It shouldn’t be.  Laws related to marijuana or “marihuana” have been debated throughout West Virginia, and some cities and localities have implemented programs to reduce the burden of enforcing prohibition.  Such as pre-trial diversion programs for misdemeanor possession cases, first-offender programs and law enforcement citing and releasing individuals so they avoid being arrested and jailed.  West Virginia Code §60A-4-407.

The charges involving marijuana crimes still carry heavy penalties that can affect many aspects of the offender’s future.  For instance, if you are charged with possession of marijuana, you will have an arrest record that could appear in background searches for potential employers and landlords.  Marijuana convictions can have an adverse impact on immigration and student loan status.

Martinsburg West Virginia Marijuana Defense Attorney

If you find yourself charged with a marijuana related offense, contact an experienced attorney at MillsMcDermott.  The attorneys at MillsMcDermott not only fight individual cases, but we are active in the National Legal Committee of NORML, an organization that advocates for the reform of marijuana laws throughout the state of West Virginia and the United States.

Founding partner, Kevin D. Mills has served on the legal board for NORML and worked as an associate for attorney, John Flowers Mark, William B. Moffitt and John Zwerling, early advocates of reforming marijuana laws in our country .   

Our attorneys fight these cases aggressively in the courts throughout Martinsburg West Virginia, Berkeley County and the state of West Virginia.  The best defense often involves filing and litigating all viable motions to suppress evidence or statements.  Many of these cases involve unreasonable and illegal searches and seizures that should be thoroughly contested in court.  Call 1-304-262-9300 for a free consultation.

For any marijuana crime, a good defense also requires filing and litigating motions under the 9th Amendment right to privacy as well as the improper classification of marijuana as a narcotic substance.  Contact the attorneys at MillsMcDermott to discuss your case.