White Collar Crime

When people think of white collar crime, they often think of high-profile criminals who have been involved in major crimes.  However, white collar crime can happen anywhere, and almost anyone can be a victim.  White collar crime is common, and with the growth of the Internet, more people have come under investigation for alleged financial fraud.

White collar crimes, often called financial crimes, cover a wide range of offenses, most of which deal with money and property.  These crimes typically involve illegally obtained money or assets through fraud.  These offenses could include small theft crimes or major fraud offenses.

What these white collar crimes have in common is that they all include some type of allegation of deceit or breach of trust.  This means money or property was taken illegally.  White collar crimes almost always are non-violent.  However, the penalties and punishments can be as severe, and the crimes should be taken seriously.

Martinsburg West Virginia White Collar Crime Attorney

If you are accused of any type of white collar crime in state or federal court, contact the experienced economic crime defense attorneys at MillsMcDermott.  These types of criminal charges involve the complex interactions of laws, regulations, technology and practical knowledge.  You cannot trust your defense to just any lawyer.

At MillsMcDermott, we have the sophisticated knowledge and extensive experience to fully protect your rights at every stage of your criminal case.  We understand the complexity of white collar crime, and we are prepared to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case.  MillsMcDermott represents clients in the Martinsburg West Virginia area and throughout West Virginia.  Call 1-304-262-9300 to schedule a free consultation.