Criminal Appeals and Habeas Corpus

Any time a person is convicted of a criminal offense, he or she may feel like there are no options left.  It could feel like you are destined to have your freedom taken away but that is not always the case.  West Virginia law allows for defendants to fight convictions, even after the trial is over.

Appellate courts are an integral part of the judicial system, providing an important check on the legal errors that can occur at the trial court level.  If you have been charged with a crime, not only should your attorney be prepared for a criminal trial, he or she should be prepared for any necessary appeals and post-conviction proceedings.

Martinsburg West Virginia Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you are convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal the conviction.  The criminal appeal attorneys at MillsMcDermott work hard to prepare a safety net in case you receive an unfavorable pretrial ruling or if you are convicted of a crime after trial.  If there are any trial court actions or decisions that can be appealed or challenged, we stand prepared to do so and present our arguments to a higher court.  Kevin D. Mills and Shawn R. McDermott have both argued cases before the West Virginia Supreme Court and have obtained reversals.

Martinsburg West Virginia Habeas Corpus Lawyer

Even if you have lost your appeal of your criminal case, you may still have rights to attack the effectiveness of your prior representation and to voice other issues in a Habeas Corpus Post-Conviction Petition.  The experienced Habeas Corpus Post-Conviction attorneys at MillsMcDermott in Martinsburg West Virginia can help you assess your post-conviction rights in West Virginia and throughout the country.

If you have been convicted of a crime, you need an experienced appeals lawyer on your side.  The attorneys at MillsMcDermott represent clients in the Martinsburg West Virginia area and throughout West Virginia.  Contact us at 1-304-262-9300 for a free initial phone consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.